European Selection Fund

Investment Philosophy

The investment talent and expertise of Eric Bendahan and his team is applied to a bottom-up stock picking approach, which is active in nature and conviction-based in its stock selection.

The Eleva European Selection Fund offers an active and flexible approach to European equities aimed chiefly at patient investors with a medium term horizon, while focusing on quality companies benefiting from substantial long term price appreciation.

A disciplined investment process, focusing on selective stock selection, and targeting investments in different types of opportunities.

As illustrated below, Eleva European Selection focuses on four strategic themes that have emerged through Eric’s experience and constitute an original angle on stock-picking brought on for the investment decision process recommendations. However, the Fund is by no means restricted to them.



Fund Data

LU1111643711Eleva European Selection - Class R acc.EUR127.6213/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111643042Eleva European Selection - Class I acc.EUR1283.4513/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111642663Eleva European Selection - Class A1 acc. (hedged)CHF124.6113/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111642580Eleva European Selection - Class A1 acc. (hedged)USD128.9613/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111642408Eleva European Selection - Class A1 acc.EUR127.3913/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111643802Eleva European Selection - Class R acc. (hedged)GBP119.2613/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1148164426Eleva European Selection - Class R acc. (hedged)CHF110.3913/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111642820Eleva European Selection - Class A2 acc.EUR110.6713/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111643398Eleva European Selection - Class I acc. (hedged)CHF1073.6213/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111643125Eleva European Selection - Class I acc. (hedged) USD1224.1213/12/20172,550,268,303
LU1111643638Eleva European Selection - Class I dis.EUR1040.3713/12/20172,550,268,303