Absolute Return Europe Fund

Investment Philosophy

The investment talent and expertise of Eric Bendahan and his team is applied to a bottom-up stock picking approach, which is active in nature and conviction-based in its stock selection.

Eleva Absolute Return Europe, founded on a strong fundamental stock selection process, seeks a way to leverage our skills and expertise in European Equities.

The Fund aims to achieve an absolute return over the medium term through capital growth investing primarily in European equities and equity related securities on both a long and short basis.

Eleva Absolute Return Europe focuses on a number of strategic themes, both on the long and short sides, which have emerged through Eric’s experience and constitute an original angle on stock picking.

AREF diagram


Fund Data

LU1331974276Eleva Absolute Return Europe - Class S acc.EUR1106.6713/12/201789,625,027
LU1331973468Eleva Absolute Return Europe - Class R acc.EUR109.8513/12/201789,625,027
LU1331971926Eleva Absolute Return Europe- Class A1 accUSD110.9213/12/201789,625,027
LU1331971769Eleva Absolute Return Europe - Class A1 accEUR108.7213/12/201789,625,027