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“Having been involved with Unicef UK with my family since 2011, I have been repeatedly impressed with their reach, transparency and experience in truly eliciting long term sustainable change, in a cost conscious and accountable manner. Together with the Eleva Foundation, we hope to enable them to achieve even more for the hardest to reach children. This is a long-term commitment that will be one of the driving forces behind Eleva Capital, and the whole team will be involved in the selection of specific Unicef UK projects.”

Eric Bendahan

Our collaboration with Unicef UK

Established by the United Nations in response to the plight of children affected by the Second World War in 1946, Unicef is the world’s largest organisation working specifically for children and children’s rights.

From combating malnutrition in Liberia to promoting the rights of girls to an education in Afghanistan, every country Unicef works in has different needs, but all their activities have the same core aim, fighting for those children who don’t have a voice and whose rights are being violated.

Unicef has two principal objectives:

• The long term, sustainable development of emerging nations, ensuring that children and their rights are at the forefront of policy and planning. Unicef is the world’s leading advocate of child rights and chief agency for water and sanitation, nutrition and education.

• Effective, rapid and impactful emergency relief. Unicef’s unique position gives them access that others just don’t have. Unicef is currently on the front line providing life saving and life enabling supplies and resources to help children affected by numerous humanitarian crisis, most of which do not even reach our headlines.

It is these two areas that the Eleva Foundation will invest in.

The team at Eleva Capital and the Trustees of the Eleva Foundation will work with the team at Unicef UK to select projects for investment and assess their impact. Collectively Eleva Capital's employees will select one or more specific projects every year to fund.

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