• Aiming to achieve superior long-term risk adjusted return
  • Medium-term time horizon
  • Investing primarily in equities and equity related securities of companies incorporated or having their principal business activities in Euroland
  • Conviction investing using bottom-up stock-picking with high active weight of 80%+ and tracking error target of 6%
  • Flexible, opportunistic, and pragmatic approach, with no sector country bias and style/market cap agnostic
  • Using a macroeconomic overlay to support sector positioning
  • Investment team focus on four strategic themes which provide a strong base for investment opportunities

The Fund will invest in European equities and equity related securities selected by the Investment Manager. The Fund’s unit value is likely to fluctuate due to a variety of factors such as a change in the portfolio’s holdings, macroeconomic changes, political transformation and legal and tax legislation.

The main risks are detailed in the Fund's prospectus and listed below:

  • Equity Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Currency Risk
  • Counterparty Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Performance and Capital Loss Risk


*Inception date of Fund is 10/07/2017
*Sources : Bloomberg

Performance (31/01/2019) YTD1 Month2 Months3 Months6 MonthsSince Inception
Eleva Euroland Selection I EUR 6.73% 6.73% 0.60% -2.06% -10.75% -0.57%
EURO STOXX Index (Net Return) 6.25% 6.25% 0.13% -0.96% -10.15% -4.84%

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results and no assurance can be given that capital initially invested will be preserved